Video Production

Shot on location in Oklahoma City and hosted on HealthIT.gov, this video describes the benefits and cost savings of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, PDMP.


The first of an eight-part video series describing the Fishman TriplePlay, this video was shot on location in their sound studio using multiple cameras.

Client: Fishman

Requested as a tool for the client's sales force, the Versette demo video was shot on location over several days using multiple cameras along with a DSLR for high-resolution stills.

Client: ThermoScientific

3D Modeling & Animation

Using AutoDesk Maya 3D software, this video and its companion was produced in multiple languages for the company's product launch.

Client: Smith Medical

Developed using Adobe Creative Suite, this looping promotional animation was produced for New River's tradeshow booth.

Client: NewRiver

Shot in our studio with a custom-built hospital set, this video shows the benefits of the Philips IntelliVue MP5SC hospital monitor.

Client: Philips


Drawn by our medical illustrator, this image shows the preparation of an autologous tissue disperser for cartilage autograft implanation.

Client: DePuy Mitek, Inc.

A beautifully illustrated rendering of a left ventricular assist pump for weakened hearts.

Client: Heartware

This Flash-animated presentation for OnState Communications' point-of- sales presentation promotes and educates customers about the value of their Virtual Call Center software.

Client: Onstate Communications

Print & Web Design

Partners is the bimonthly news magazine of Press Ganey Associates, Inc. Each issue features best practices, viewpoints and research related to health care performance improvement.

Client: Press Ganey

This image was created for a poster to mark the sales release of a book about 18th and 19th century Boston paintings.

Client: NEHGS

This website was designed for a unique Bed & Breakfast located in the heart of downtown Boston.

Client: The Gilded Lily

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